About Us

Actually, we do not have a story about such languages. To us, imagining is the beginning, and beginning is the half. And everything started with a dream.

Kalaylıoğlu Alüminyum, founded in 2000, 750 square meters closed area baklava tepsisi production made the first step in the sector. Following the developing and changing technological innovations, Kalaylıoğlu Aluminum, which offers the highest quality products to its customers with continuous innovations, has brought many different points of view to the baklava tepsisi sector.

In a very short time it has become a frequent brand in all of Turkey, the Middle East and the Arab Emirates. Of course it was not enough. There was much more to do. Kalaylıoğlu Aluminum, which keeps its door open to innovations and different demands of its customers, has become the new face of its market for customers with new designs and products in the developing and changing world.

Kalaylıoğlu Aluminum has a product portfolio of 1250 m² closed area and has a total of 185 kinds of products on behalf of Aluminum kitchen ware, teflon kitchen ware, steel kitchen ware and stainless kitchen ware.

At the same time, Kalaylıoğlu Aluminum, which meets its production of aluminum discs in its own way, has been making good efforts to meet the product needs of Turkey, the Middle East and the Arab Emirates and raising the foreign trade volume day by day and making a considerable contribution to the country's economy.

Tugra Global Metal, working with its 85 experts in its field, produces unlimited solutions with all of your needs with more than 140 solution partners and continues its way with the principle of "Quality is not Haktır, Not privilege".

Our greatest ilk; to produce solutions that are appropriate for the vision of the customer, to establish healthy, honest and fast communications with the customer. Because we do not consider our relationships with our customers in the short run. It is our greatest happiness for our customers to know that it is reassuring to work with us and to please our customers. They know that we always think about the best for them.

Our Greatest Goal; We are contributing to the transformation of Turkey as a leading company that offers quality and creative solutions that are proud of being a part of our employees by transforming our experience and expertise in metal field to customer satisfaction.